Security Updates

Security updates are an important part of staying in business and keeping your customers happy. Famous hacking stories like Target and JC Penney’s having their customer data stolen remind us why it’s a good idea to have a security company review your protocols every so often.

As a national company, Store Secure knows many small business owners in each state. Orlando, Florida is one of our most visited locations because that city plays host to numerous networking events that we’ve attended. At the most recent event, we had the opportunity of catching up with Orlando Pool Decks, a pool deck repair and resurfacing company, and owner of As a leader in pool decks and concrete work, their CEO is very vigilant when it comes to the privacy of customer data. We offered to review their security setup as a courtesy after having a great conversation at the latest event.

Orlando Pool Decks’ website is a simple one, containing one form on each page that requests customer name, city, phone, and description of the service they require. The information is required to contact them. The great news for their customers is that the data is protected by 128-bit key encryption. This is made possible by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a mainstream encryption algorithm that protects many websites. Their company is a shining example of the type of security protocols everyone should have. Unfortunately, many local contractors have nothing anywhere near this good. To start, we recommend that businesses get SSL certificates for their websites. This at least secures part of the site and aids in removing potential security risks.