Top Cybersecurity Trends You Must Look Out for

As each year passes by, newer forms of cyber threats keep coming up. This puts us in a dire need for strengthening the cyber security systems even more –both on an organizational level as well as personally. In the recent times, there have been several major forms of data breaches and security threats that have created a sense of fear amongst the global Internet users. As such, the leading cyber security companies & service providers keep coming up with the latest, cutting-edge cyber security techniques to ensure the safeguarding of data & vital information of the users worldwide.

If you are looking out for the best-in-class cyber security technique that has been trending across the globe, here are some top cyber security trends that you can look out for:

  • Introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): The world, especially Europe, is gearing up for the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) towards safeguarding cyber data and information online that is prone to common data breaches and cyber threats. With its recent enforcement, under the GDPR provisions, an infringement could provoke major fines up to 20 Million Euros or around 4 percent of the total worldwide turnover of the previous financial year.


  • Machine Learning & AI Boosting Cyber Defenses: The high-end technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are about to enhance the overall pace and might start impacting more industries across the globe. As such, these technologies are expected to play a major role in boosting the overall cyber security measures. As the battle with criminals involved in the cyber threats tends to proceed rapidly, advanced machine learning models could accurately predict & identify major cyber attacks seamlessly.


  • Ransomware Pro-activeness: Ransomware is undeniably serving to be an advancing threat in the last few years. However, it only continues to claim the high-end profiles or victims. With the latest WannaCry ransomware attack, it has been indeed highlighted that there is a great to back up on a regular basis, keep updating & patching systems, and boost the real-time defenses regularly. When organizations would implement these simple defensive steps, the overall impact of ransomware could be drastically reduced.


  • Handling Data Breaches Effectively: It might impossible to get rid of potential data breaches completely. However, every organization tends to have the needed power for lessening the massive blow of data breaches effectively by handling its aftermath properly. Through practices like delaying data breaching exposure, misleading the victims, and failing to patch the given vulnerability –all of these could serve to be bad moves towards handling data breaches.


  • IoT Might be a Weak Link: As the world is rolling over more sensor-powered, Internet-connected networks & devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications might serve to be a weaker link for effective cyber defenses. As such, there is a great need to properly secure IoT & its applications towards ensuring top-notch cyber security.


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