Security tips for beginners

Technology is continuously evolving and has gained so much power in today’s world that is almost inconceivable living without it. But is the fact that all technology has some vulnerable points were our personal information can be in danger. Daily we use our phones and computers to work, for entertainment, etc. and you may not know, but they have some weaknesses and are exposed to any cybercriminal or hacker.

It’s important to take some time to secure our devices. Most of the people don’t care about this and they just simply ignore the potential threats that can harm their apparatus. We’ll give you some basics tips that will help you to start the process of safeguard your information. They’re simple and you just need some minutes to do them.

  1. Use passwords. This may seem easy, right? It’s important! Many cyber-attacks have succeeded because of weak or nonexistent password at all. Your access to any equipment should be restricted by a unique game of names and numbers that may difficult any illegal hacking threat.
  2. Install a protective software. The first thing you must do when you possess a computer is installing a good antivirus system. Without it, you’ll have a virus and other risks that will cause an extreme harm to your equipment and will let your personal information free to any cybercriminal.
  3. Back up constantly. If you have the possibility, buy an external hard drive. With that, you can make backups of all your information on a regular basis.
  4. Use secure connections. All the time you’re on the Internet, your data us more vulnerable. So, if you don’t need connection, disconnect the WI-FI and be sure of the precedence of all the sites you visit per day. Don’t install any software that you don’t know and do not open any email from an unknown source. The more ware you are of the risks the more secure you’ll be.
  5. Keep your devices updated. Download all the actualizations your machine requires because they’re some related to the security of the system. Your device may be compromised and harmed if you don’t install the important updates.
  6. Don’t use public WIFI. Yes, it’s a temptation but they’re malicious too. Any hacker could have access to your information and give you some hard time.
  7. Stay informed. All these tips are simple steps that majority of people should do. There is so information about hackers and the security of the technology that you should know if you work with the Internet all the time.

Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your technologies devices secure. Be paranoid and don’t forget that at the same time new technologies arrive, there are a group of people designing and creating a new way to steal information and to access to others devices illegally. Don’t let your computer phone vulnerable to any cybercriminal. Protecting your data, protect yourself.