Social Media security: Common risks and tips

At the present, the majority of people are consumed by technology and all the incredible advances that science have done so far. Even though technology has brought to our lives innumerable advantages, there are some things that you should be aware of. Possibly you have social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and that’s ok, they’re a great option to keep in touch with people we love and also, they are now the main marketing channel for business.

Online marketing is increasing every year and people are using social media as an intermediate to accomplish different business, share their hobbies, work, and more. However, many users have been victims of privacy negligence inasmuch as cybercriminals are using social media to attack their victims. Today more than ever, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly significant and you have to be aware of what to do and what not to do to avoid any risk with your personal information.

Social media channels gained popularity at the same time technology advances. Nowadays, most people use these platforms per day to freely express any thought, feeling, idea, and more. Engaging with the entire world has become easier, you just need a smart device and that’s all. Unfortunately, while you’re immersed in this world, you may forget about the cybersecurity that is affecting directly confidential information.

Thanks to social platforms we have a quick way to communicate and interact with the world. However, we can’t forget our security, that is why we’ll show you common risks you have while using these tools and some actions you can take to avoid them efficiently without affecting your social life.

Common risks:

  • Avoid scams. Scams everywhere! You can get them in the mail and also, on social media. Doesn’t matter which one you use, you’ll sooner or later, run into a scammer. What can you do? Don’t click on anything that isn’t trustworthy. Recent scams can create you a new profile and even sends requests to your friends and also, puts at risk your personal information.
  • Malicious Apps. Viruses and spyware have found their way onto social media and also, into apps you may be tented to download. Has become easy for hackers to damage the apps users have on their smartphone and so, affecting your security. Don’t download any app that doesn’t have a high reputation.
  • Be aware. Human disinterest is one of the main risks. Why? If you do not pay attention to your accounts you are exposing your information to be infected. If you decide to open any social media, read the contract, the security settings, and stay connected with it. If you don’t have the motivation or simply, don’t like it, the better option is closing your profiles. On the other hand, don’t forget that uploading information in a social network can be transmitted virally, so, be careful with your information and think cautiously about the content you’ll share with others.